• Residential


    “Honey, can you do this for me?”

    Doesn’t that sound familiar? Spare time is already hard to come by when you have a career, a family and a few fun hobbies.

    Wouldn’t it be great if someone else took care of that nagging ‘Honey-Do’ List?

    Give us your list and we’ll get it done!

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  • Office Division

    Office Division

    Feeling torn between your business and office maintenance issues?

    Running your business is tough enough, let alone the frequent maintenance of your office environment so that it remains looking professional and is safe for your employees.

    Give us your list and we’ll get it done!

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  • Seniors Groups

    Seniors Groups

    Looking for help around the house for those odd jobs?

    Have there been little jobs adding to your to do list but you either don’t have the right tools or the work is a bit too much to do on your own? We can help!

    “Comfort in knowing you’re looked after”

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  • About


    We are a group of self-taught handymen, homeowners, and businessmen, who recognize the need for doing smaller repairs and improvements around people’s homes.

    We work as one-person businesses, hiring the expertise of the tradesmen to work alongside us when we need them.

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  • Contact


    Are you missing out on valuable rest and relaxation?

    Life is more enjoyable when you’re doing the things you love. Whether it be hitting open road, spending time with the kids or cuddling up with a good book.

    Give us your list and we’ll make sure you get more “YOU” time!

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Give us your list and we'll get it done!