Our Team

Where we are from

We are a group of self-taught handymen, homeowners, and businessmen, who recognize the need for doing smaller repairs and improvements around people’s homes. We work as one-person businesses, hiring the expertise of the tradesmen to work alongside us when we need them.

Where we are going

Until two years ago, there was one of us; today there are six!  We continue to add one to two handymen per year! 

Why we are special

Maturity, curiosity, reliability, and self-motivation are what set us apart!  We provide a daily job list, and the technicians select the job site and bring the tools and experience to get the job done with a 48-hour turnaround from the moment we start.

About the owner

Paul LangloisPaul Langlois, experienced business owner, husband, father and grandfather, credits his personality traits as an influential factor in his success as the owner of Home and Office Handyman Services. Having completed countless projects in his own homes and those of his family and friends, he developed an expertise and know-how in fixing the typical home and office projects. 

Finding a person who is reliable and experience, is no easy feat.  Paul’s calm and organized way of getting the job done is what keeps people coming back!  Paul has a good sense of humour and is a natural teacher, which has become the stepping stones and success of Home and Office Handyman Services.